Elephant Allies is a US based 501c3 nonprofit organization that is 100% volunteer run with 100% of your donations going to support our sister non profits based in Africa. We work to raise funds and awareness for the plight of the African elephant. Elephants are poached every 20 minutes for their tusks, many times leaving behind defenseless young elephants who cannot survive on their own. 

There are teams of rangers on the frontlines fighting to protect and defend these amazing animals, and when they cannot be protected, they are there to pick up the pieces and help the babies that are left behind by using their nursery to rescue, rehabilitate and eventually release them back into the wild. 

The battlegrounds are ripe with poachers and traffickers, and the game rangers are doing everything in their power to fight against them, now WE have to do everything in our power to help them to be successful. In 2018 alone the team apprehended 82 poachers, removed 262 snares, dismantled 40 poachers camps and seized over 2,500 pounds of illegally acquired bushmeat. 


Whether we are fundraising for remotely monitored, thermal image trail cams to aid in anti-poaching efforts and to monitor recently released orphans, or providing funds for formula for the baby elephants, helping cover vet care costs or funding tougher boots for the rangers who are out working day and night to ensure their safety, we want to help! 

Join us today, become an Elephant Ally!!