For as long as I can remember, I have loved elephants. Long before I ever had the chance to see them in their natural habitat, I was totally and completely enamored with them. When I was a kid, my dad "adopted" elephants for me to support efforts to protect them, I was just excited I got to see photos of them and think they were "mine"! Well, fast forward 30 something years and here I sit worrying that there may ONLY be photos of them in our near future.
Elephants are poached every twenty minutes for their tusks. That is a little over 26,000 per year if you are curious of the math. Now, they also have a gestation period of almost two years so they literally cannot keep up. Their numbers are decreasing significantly due to trafficking and poaching and there are statistics showing both by 2030 and 2040 they will be extinct. I am unsure which statistic is accurate, but I am praying it's neither. 
I am a long time animal rescuer located in Atlanta, Georgia. I have loved animals since I was born and feel it is literally WHO I am to protect the innocent. I recently went on a trip to Africa where the guide said to me before our first game drive "what are you most excited to see?" I instantly replied almost before he even finished his question - "ELEPHANTS!" I am sure he was happy it wasn't some elusive leopard or lion or even a rhino which seems incredibly rare to see that we would have to track for days... no, for me it has always been and will always be the elephant. 
I started a non profit in the US about 5 years ago which is 100% volunteer run with all donations going to help save dogs from high kill shelters in and around Atlanta (Releash Atlanta - After returning from this trip to Africa, I knew in the deepest corners of my soul that I HAD to help. You may think there isn't much you can do from halfway around the world, but the fact is that's not true, there's a LOT you can do! They have heart, passion, intelligence, determination, motivation, and drive - what they don't have a lot of is funding. That is where I want to help! 
My goal is to raise funds and awareness for the plight of the African elephant. I want to donate every penny that will be raised through this nonprofit to the nonprofits on the frontlines in Africa who live and die for these animals. I believe it is the least we can do to ensure there is a future with elephants in it! Our support and their efforts are not limited to elephants, this team helps every type of animal they find in need, which means Rhinos, monkeys, bush babies, hippos, any other injured or abandoned animal! 
I hope you will join us on our journey to show how much we care about and support what they are doing, even if we are showing it from 8,000 miles away! Become an ally, help us protect them, they NEED us today! 
President and Founder 
Elephant Allies, Inc.