There are many ways to donate!...Here are a few!

We are a 100% volunteer run, United States based 501c3 nonprofit charitable organization. 100% of your donation is tax deductible and 100% of your donation goes directly to our partners in Africa! 

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Adopt an elephant

$50 per month

Elephants can eat... a LOT! And not only do they require a lot of food per day, they also require medical care from the vet teams and round the clock attention from their rangers. In short, elephant upkeep is expensive but so incredibly important! Many of the elephants and other animals that end up at the orphanage are there as a result of a traumatic event. Whether they are caught in snares, left to fend for themselves after a family member has been illegally poached, or have endured other man caused injuries, regardless of how they ended up needing help, once they make it to the nursery, they get everything they need to become healthy, happy and whole again. The main goal of the nursery is to rescue, rehabilitate and release the elephants and other animals back into their natural habitat. But while they are in the care of the orphanage, MUCH help is needed to care for them! Please, consider adopting an elephant today for your updates, photos and videos!! 

Become aN ALLY sponsor

When dealing with emergencies like newly orphaned elephants, or injured rhinos, maybe even a bush baby that was a victim of a wildfire or a vervet monkey that needs help, there is little to no time to ask for funds, but funds are ALWAYS needed! Becoming a monthly ally means that each month the amount you choose will automatically come out of your account and be use for urgent situations that are faced day in and day out in the bush. This will allow the rangers to focus on what is important instead of worry about resources they may not have available to them. This monthly gift can make all of the difference in the world to those in need. Become an ally today and receive updates on your elephants and other wild animals you help to save! 

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Sponsor remote trail cams


With resources scarce and threat to wildlife abundant, the rangers need more boots on the ground and more eyes in the sky, but with limited finances, they cannot staff as many people as they need. What they CAN do however is remotely monitor high tech cameras that are placed throughout the regions they traverse so when they can't be there physically, they can still protect their animals and land. These cameras can prevent and deter poaching and trafficking, they can catch illegal activity, they can alert to animals in distress and even help notify of bush fires. Please consider sponsoring a camera for the rangers to protect the elephants, rhinos, lions, leopards and other animals that are illegally hunted. 

Become an Exclusive Foster Parent 

$1,000 per month​

Talk about a real life saver! You can sign up today to FOSTER an elephant!!! These big, strong animals are also so sensitive and emotional. They love and feel empathy, they recognize friends they haven't seen in years, they protect their young and their seniors, they can even recognize themselves in a mirror! They are extremely capable animals and highly intelligent, yet sadly they still find themselves depending on humans to help them. When you become a foster parent you are signing up to provide food, medical care, trauma rehabilitation, and the love and protection to allow them to gain confidence and become an independent elephant some day to be released back into the wild. This is an extraordinary gift and gives these elephants the gift of safety and eventually the gift of freedom. Become an elephant parent TODAY!

Get your Business or company involved!

Many companies offer employees matching benefits, does yours? They are always looking for ways to make charitable contributions, and typically like to support their employees chosen nonprofits! Check with your HR department to see if your donations are eligible for a match! 

Do you own a business that would like to make a charitable contribution to a nonprofit?! If so, we could use all of the help we can get! We are 100% volunteer run and give 100% of what is raised from donors to our partners in Africa! We are an IRS registered, 501c3 nonprofit organization and that means YOUR donation is tax deductible! If you're interested in learning more about partnering with us, email today!